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We at the Birdsong Harp Center understand that music is a
language.  We are dedicated to teaching students of all ages to
speak (play), read and write this language.  Sheila Mitchell-Hart,
founder, has been teaching music for over 25years.  She has helped
hundreds of students of all ages learn to play and enjoy their
instruments.  Sheila's teaching methods are a unique blend of the
aural tradition, classical approach, chording and a healthy dose of
fun.  Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to meet
you in person.

Weekly, Private, and Group classes as well as weekend and week
long seminars are available for Celtic and pedal harp, mountain
dulcimer, piano, bowed psaltery and other folk instruments.  
Services are provided to supply your musical needs for weddings,
folk festivals, church events and other special occasions.  Custom
made Irish harps, dulcimers and psalteries, made by Master
Craftsman Danny Hart, are available for purchase.
Birdsong Harp Center
Almost everyone enjoys
playing music! Come
and let us help you to
enjoy the journey.