The Eire
The Eire has 34
strings.  It ranges
from 2 octaves
below middle C to.  
It is a Neo-Irish
style lever harp.  
you may choose
maple or walnut for
the soundbox. The
Soundboard is
laminated birch.  
This harp weighs
only 22 lbs and
stands 45 inches

The soundboard width at the bottom is 12 1/2", and
at the top 4".

String spacing may be ordered in classical or Irish

The sound is clear, sweet, and even.  

This harp is perfect for Celtic music.  

$3195.00 plus shipping.

- includes tuning wrench and case.
- full set of Troutt levers

* For handpainted soundboard or other custom
contact us.
Soundboards can be
in your choice of colors
and patterns.